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Fiona Crichton-BernerBorn and raised in Cornwall, U.K., Fiona has had a life long love affair with horses. Actually, since her mother hunted her own pack of hounds two times a week while pregnant with Fiona, you could say it has been a little more than a lifetime.

Her first pony, when she was 6 years old, was an irascible 10hh Shetland pony, Una, who unceremoniously ditched Fiona at the same place everytime that she rode. It took Fiona a long time to learn better. In spite of which, while still in the U.K., she rode regularly and hunted several seasons.

If you have ever been faced with one of those huge walls with trees growing on the top and a ditch the other side that you could not even see until you were on the top of the wall and about to be dragged off by the branches anyway, you will know what she was facing. No wonder she eventually gave that up in favor of endurance riding.

Moving to the U.S. in the late sixties, Fiona immediately fell in with the horse crowd in Louisville, Kentucky, hunting -- still -- showing and flat racing.

A move to Texas opened many more riding opportunities and for years Fiona balanced her job in the art world with that of riding, mostly for pleasure.

Endurance riding and classical dressage became part of her life and she won a few ribbons and a few 50 mile endurance races. Two of those endurance ride wins were catch rides, horses that she had never ridden before race day.

Those rolls eventually reversed and for the last 20 odd years the focus for Fiona has been riding and training, both herself and horses, her own and other peoples, and doing artwork when time allows.

The farm and forest give never ending opportunities for riding and training the horses, so many wonderful obstacles, and deepening her relationship with nature. To watch the ever changing flora and fauna in the forest is a great joy.

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